About W James Construction Inc.

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W. James Construction Inc. is a multi-faceted construction company specializing in earthwork & grading, SWPPP, erosion control & BMP's among other tasks. WJC has successfully completed many large environmentally sensitive projects including SDG&E's Sunrise Powerlink, SCE's Eldorado to Ivanpah transmission project, Devers to CRS Transmission Project , and TRTP Segment 6. Currently we have both grading and BMP crews on TRTP's Segment 11, performing grading activities, SWPP, BMP installation and maintenance, erosion control, and dust abatement in very environmentally sensitive and extreme terrains.


It is our goal and priority to complete all of our projects efficiently and accurately and we have set our bar very high; but the most important priority to WJC is safety. WJC strives to make sure that not only are our crews safe, the teams of contractors that work along side of us are safe and that the public remains safe at all times. We have integrated a very in depth and comprehensive safety program with extensive ongoing training and onsite personnel. Our Foreman and Management Team are OSHA 30 certified and all employees are OSHA 10 certified or higher. We strive to not only meet all safety requirements, but to exceed them to assure an injury free workplace.